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photoblog image sports stadium in Milano, Italy.jpg
Frank L Croston. from Hot/wet Arizona 18 Jul 2018, 03:38
I cant  make my mind up whether this is ugly, or impressive.

WanderingAlan from United States 18 Jul 2018, 03:43
as an architect I found it impressive looking as a stadium.

Elizabeth Croston Buckalew from Enjoying the Rain in Flagstaff Arizona 18 Jul 2018, 04:43
Not the nicest looking building - to me it just looks like a big hunk of concrete.

Chris from Not Nowhere 18 Jul 2018, 06:35
Sports stadiums reflect national pride and characteristics
WanderingAlan: interesting concept. Throughout my life, I have seen and visited many sports stadiums even though I have never truly been an intense fan of any sport except baseball in the 50s while growing up. After a variety of the scandals in basketball, football, baseball, hockey in the 70s I lost respect for most of them. Soccer did not truly become a popular sport until the 70s in the US.

When I started traveling in 1976 as a young architect with 10 years experience and two degrees and a couple years experience working as a young architect in training with Gunnar Birkerts, Lativian American architect I was impressed by when he spoke to our school's AIA chapter my love of modern architecture (some historic and classical styles) intensified and visiting World's Fair and Olympic sites around the world became part of my llife on ALL 6 continents whenever I could.

Are UK citizens proud of their stadiums Chris?

Which ones?

gutteridge from Somewhere in deep space 18 Jul 2018, 08:31
The San Siro, Home to the cities to main clubs - Athlectico and Internatzionale.
WanderingAlan: Chad thank you for the name of the stadium. I found it simply walking in the area it is located one day just WANDERING in Milano. Didn't know the name for it. Have you been there? Or how did you Google it to find it?

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WanderingAlan from United States 18 Jul 2018, 11:03
just did a Google search for the title I have used for the photo and learned what Chad has shared.

San Siro district of Milan, Italy

The day I wandered into that area I was just WANDERING away from the typical old to ancient, tourist areas of Milan that I had visited in 1977 and 1982.

I road public transportation and WANDERED.

I used the very little Italian I knew asking where I would find areas tourists seldom see. I wanted to see the REAL MILAN not just the TOUR GUIDE's Milan. This area was only one of them I found.

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for this photo I'm in a constructive critical comments icon ShMood©
camera C5050Z
exposure mode shutter priority
shutterspeed 1/650s
aperture f/4.0
sensitivity ISO64
focal length 7.1mm
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