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photoblog image 2005Turkish Creativity Conference at Princess hotel.jpg

Joe Miguuez from the US was a presenter at the Final Creativity Conference that Halim Erganulp organized that was held at the Princess Hotel in 2005.  Joe created Labrynth's to teach the use of them for over 20 years throughtout the US at many creativity conferences, in Sestri Levante, Italy for CREA-Italy and in Istanbul

Elizabeth Buckalew from Missing Winter in Flagstaff Arizona 12 Feb 2018, 02:45
Well that would be fun!
WanderingAlan: this inside labrynth was created by Joe Miguuez who focused on the creation of Labs for many years.

Chris from Not Nowhere 12 Feb 2018, 07:49
A very interesting and intriguing subject
WanderingAlan: I experienced the LAB at Chartres Cathedral in 1977 twice, with and without the chairs covering it up. Since then I have experienced many LABS around the world and helped JOE MIGUUEZ and others set them up at many creativity conferences on 6 continents. I have photographed them often over the past 41 years.

Plus occasionally I have WALKED them to center, to focus. I have a mini version set up on my 1/2 acre and have a model of one that Joe gave me when he was my guest here in Athens around 2000.

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Bill Phillips from Great Britain (UK) 12 Feb 2018, 08:16
I could say this is a-mazing ......wink
WanderingAlan: ha ha.... MAZE-ing.....actually LABS are not mazes but often thought that they are.

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