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photoblog image 06: a study in contrast in lines: size, type, color.jpg
Elizabeth Croston Buckalew from Monsoon Time in Flagstaff Arizona 14 Sep 2017, 04:05
A very stately entrance!

WanderingAlan from United States 14 Sep 2017, 04:15
a study in contrast in lines: size, type, color shape, direction....

gutteridge from Somewhere in deep space 14 Sep 2017, 06:06
Rustication. Always rather imposing.
WanderingAlan: Chad

Had to look up the meaning(s) for "RUSTICATION"

rusticated; rusticating
intransitive verb
:to go into or reside in the country :follow a rustic life
transitive verb
1 chiefly British :to suspend from school or college
2 :to build or face with usually rough-surfaced masonry blocks having beveled or rebated edges producing pronounced joints a rusticated facade
3 a :to compel to reside in the country
b :to cause to become rustic :implant rustic mannerisms in

In classical architecture rustication is a range of masonry techniques giving visible surfaces a finish that contrasts in texture with the smoothly finished, squared-block masonry surfaces called ashlar. The visible face of each individual block is cut back around the edges to make its size and placing very clear.

Chris from England 14 Sep 2017, 06:17
Important entrances

WanderingAlan from United States 14 Sep 2017, 12:46
When I chose the photo I chose it merely for the composition and contrasts of lines.

You each see your own meanings.

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Bill Phillips from Great Britain (UK) 14 Sep 2017, 13:07
I never knew that was rustication....don't tell Chad grin

I do like wrought ironwork

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a constructive critical comments icon ShMood©
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